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Is branding a conservation Wiki with Rare useful? Edit

I've just had a look at this and like the concept but have 2 initial reactions:

1) Branding a conservation wiki with Rare implies that Rare intends to ride on the backs of all the other people actually developing the content. A true conservation wiki needs to convene many people from different backgrounds and organizational affiliations.

2) The steps to mitigate conservation threats on the main page need to also follow the IUCN taxonomy - and should be called conservation actions.

Good luck with your project!

Just click on the "+" sign to add a comment Edit

Thanks for your comments.

Conservation Networking & specific projects Edit

For the past decade I have been involved in creating interactive and multimedia web sites with Natural Resource and Conservation topics to encourage public particpation and networking with conservation issue.

Public participation is somehow hard to stimulate with these projects. Even though I myself find many ways to be involved in conservation issues on the Internet and I can find almost anything I am interested in via a Google (or other search engine) many people do not seem to be very agressive about particpating in projects, even when invited. Possibly one reason for this is that different "Environmental organizations" do the work that people support. However, the non-participation process seems to be endemic throughout American public life, especially in politics where our "leaders" do not make it easy to be involved. Hopefully this is changing with the growth in the use of computers, fast internet connections, smart phones and Web 2.0 applications like Wikis.

I see the development of a Wiki topic as a way that might encourage more public participation on almost any topic and I applaud the organization you have set up for this. I could make a lot of entries into your system, given more time. Meanwhile I am inclined to start a few Wiki groups on web site topics I am involved in. I will reference the and hopefully others will also contribute over time.

For your reference, I will add links to my own web site where projects I have been involved in that are on the Internet. Unfortunately, some of these are old and are not being maintained by the original organizers, even though there is a wealth of information that is still valuable.

Mountain Visions web site:

These Web sites are "Under Construction Now:"

Jamaica Protected Areas:

Idaho Weed Awareness:

River Menders:

Watershed Web Sites. The first link below goes to a "Brief Preview of the many features of the Interactive Watersheds web site project:

Education and Information:

Fire Related:

Conservation Promotion:

I will appreciate any comments.

Thank you.

Gary Grimm

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