Threat: Household Sewage & Urban Waste WaterEdit

Definition Edit

Water-borne sewage and non-point runoff from housing and urban areas that include nutrients, toxic chemicals and/or sediments. Examples include discharge from municipal waste treatment plants, leaking septic systems, untreated sewage, outhouses, oil or sediment from roads, fertilizers and pesticides from lawns and golf-courses, and road salt.

This category does not include major industrial discharge, which falls under Industrial & Military Effluents. It does include chemicals and next generation pollutants (caffeine or pharmaceuticals) in household waste streams. Technically, sewage from a pipe is "point-source" whereas a leaking septic system is "nonpoint-source." This category does not include agricultural runoff, which falls under Agricultural & Forestry Effluents. (CMP)

Overview Edit

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Examples Edit

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Solutions Edit

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Resources Edit

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