Threat: Fishing & Harvesting Aquatic ResourcesEdit


Harvesting aquatic wild animals or plants for commercial, recreation, subsistence, research, or cultural purposes, or for control/persecution reasons; includes accidental mortality/bycatch. Examples include trawling for tuna, blast fishing for grouper, spear fishing for sharks, shellfish harvesting, whaling, seal hunting, turtle egg collection, live coral collection, and seaweed collection.

This category focuses on all kinds of species that are primarily found in an aquatic environment. There are obviously some species that live on the terrestrial/aquatic boundary. Hunting otters, beavers, amphibians, polar bears, penguins, waterfowl, and sea birds should (somewhat arbitrarily) go in Hunting & Collecting Terrestrial Animals. Hunting seals, whales and other marine mammals, and freshwater and marine turtles go here. (CMP)

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